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Very thorough and knowledgable. Engaged the classroom full of people very successfully. Shannon was very thorough. She stopped and explained in depth when it was needed. You won't find a better Instructor! Tim McCoy- Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon is a great instructor who knows how to get all information across. She brings real life into the classroom. Christopher Cote


Loved the class, Shannon! Thank You! Kaylee Masury


I enjoyed this class very much! Shannon is so knowledgeable and helpful! I'd definitely recommend Shannon's class to future students! Zelia Johns


Shannon, Thanks for a great 40-hours! Sherry L. Babcock


The 10 Classes just flew by! It's hard to keep people focused for 4 hours- especially when everyone has a busy life, but Shannon was able to accomplish this! Randy Kilty


Thank you Shannon for making my classroom experience delightful! Shannon is a wealth of knowledge. Christine McCluskey


Excellent instructor! You make learning so much information actually enjoyable. Kendra King Weller


Shannon provides an enjoyable class mixed with the appropriate amount of book learning and real life explanations/teaching. Shannon's teaching style made the class enjoyable. Shannon is able to help ease your mind of "test anxiety" and make you feel confident through her knowledge and experience and helps provide you with a "can do" attitude. Jennifer Marr


One aspect I found this course most valuable was the interactive and enthusiastic style of education. David Green


Shannon is a great teacher. I am glad I chose this company. I enjoyed participating and coming to class. I wouldn't change anything about this course. The course was interesting, fun and what I expected. Anonymous


Shannon was captivating and an excellent teacher who knows this subject really well. You can teach all "Old Dogs" new tricks! The course clearly excited me for a career in real estate. It was very realistic picture of the industry and working in it was met. Kimberly Ann Quinty


Shannon is an excellent instructor! She was well organized, always prepared, and extremely knowledgeable. Shannon Val


Thought you were very professional and proficient and I appreciate everything! Thank You! Tim Pickering


Great value for the money! Great class, thank you Shannon. Amy E Boesch


I have taken (2) Real Estate classes and found this class to be more insightful, interesting and more to the point without meaningless stories. Chris Gansburg


This class is a great way to expedite obtaining your 40 hours requirement, and it did so in a resourceful way. Frederick (Rick) Dolce


Shannon was an outstanding instructor. She clearly knows her material and made difficult concepts easier to aquire. It was a really interesting course. Even if I don't end up going into real estate, this class had some fun bits of Portsmouth History in it making it worth while. Ryan Costa


Shannon makes a long class fun and educational. She has great tactics to learn and remember laws and stories to make them stick.  Kathleen Lemieux- Allen Family Real Estate


The course design and materials was very user friendly for intro to real estate. Stephen Kelley-Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon Aldrich was very fun, available, helpful and thoroughly detailed. Shannon was always willing to take the time to clarify anything I struggled to understand. Donna K. Witham


Shannon certianly makes you feel comfortable and presents the class in a well organized/structured way. I will recommend her anytime. Thanks Shannon! Jen Fortuna


I loved this class and I highly recommend it. This flexibility and teaching style is what I found most valuable of this course. Thank you Shannon! Tawny Gilbert


One of the best courses I have taken. The course is informative with lots of pratical knowledge. Nan Li


Thanks for the inspiration Shannon! This class was fabulous. It was a lot to learn but do-able! Liz Nelson


The lectures were clear and presented in an easy to follow format. Daniel Fallon


I highly recommend Shannon's course! Shannon's real-life examples we can relate to help commit it to memory. Melissa Lessard-Keller Williams Coastal Realty


I feel the course design and materials was an easy to understand format. The instructor was well prepared and enegetic. AJ Candy


Shannon made the learning environment very relaxing. I purposely signed up for Shannon as my instructor as I heard she has amazing teaching skills. Deborah A. Baird


This is one of the best classes I have attended. I found it very useful whether or not I use this knowledge professionally or not in the future. Zara Silverman


I would recommend Shannon to anyone interested in learning real estate. She made the material very interesting. Daniel Silverman


The instructor was a great teacher who took her time to be sure we understood all concepts. I found this course most valuable by Shannon's willingness to answer all questions. Carrie Ann Kellerman-Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon is a well educated/experienced engaging instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have recieved everything that I expected from this experience. I look forward to appling my education to passing the real estate exam and becoming a successful licensed sales-person. Shaylyn Dean-Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon made the class time go by fast. She kept everything moving well and I felt I learned a lot. She is a very good teacher. Robert Cavanaugh


One aspect of this course I found most valuable was the personal applied knowledge of the instructor.  Franklin Vanderheide


Shannon is excellent at presenting. Her personal stories and encouragement on taking the test I found very helpful. I really enjoyed the class.  Paula Usher


Shannon simplified and explained some more difficult concepts. James R. McDaniel II


Shannon is a great teacher. Her class is extermely worthwhile. Kathryn Underwood


Love this class! Very informative!  Barbara B Ricci


The instructor was very angaging and presented the material in a memorable way. Her personality and sense of humor kept the calss involved. Very engaging and able to make 4 evening hours (not my time of day) after a full day of work tolerable and even enjoyable! Kelly Abernethy


Shannon continued repitition of information and review throughout the entire course. Coleman Williams


This was one of the very best courses I have ever taken in 27 years in the real estate profession. Easy to understand, follow and easy to absorb each and every point. Excellent presentation by Shannon. Anonymous, MREA-Business Planning Clinic


I was very impressed that Shannon never had to go to her notes for the lecture. H.C.(aka "Red") Boynton


Shannon definitely make the course very interesting. I really enjoyed this course. Nancy Murphy


So eye-opening. Love the methods and I felt it was very easy to understand, seems so workable. Donna Lapointe, Planning Your Business


Very knowledgable, always available to answer questions. Shannon made each class enjoyable. Shannon could not have done a better job. I was very surprised I could stay focused on such dry material. The way it was presented made all the difference. John Liatsis


The instructors style makes material interesting to learn and remember. I would most definitely recommend this course/instructor to others. Kristen L Schultz


This course was very will organized. Weekly reviews were particularly helpful. Shannon was extremely knowledgable in all area of real estate and New Hampshire Licensing regulations/laws. Excellent teacher! Shannon is skilled at presenting material in a fun and interesteing way. Class interaction and all questions answered in a way that all could understand. Betsy McDougal


One of my concerns was the 4 hours of classtime. Shannon has the amazing ability to make 4 hours go by in no time. She keeps everyone engaged and covers all the material needed to succeed. Lynne Joseph


Shannon was the best teacher I have ever had. Thanks to her I know I will be very successful in my career. Shannon always being available for extra help and really being passionate about teaching us. Powerpoint is a plus! Shannon is truly an inspiration. I have never been so sad to leave a class. She is so passionate about teaching others everything she knows, which makes me love this career even more. Thank you Shannon for everything, I will take your words and knowledge everywhere I go!  Britney Rousse


Shannon was very pasionate about the material, made it very easy and fun to follow. I don't think I would have found the class as stress free, had she not been teaching it. Everything was clearly organized and well presented. Shannon took the time to make sure i knew the material fully and if I didn't, she broke it down and made it make sense. I will recommend this course to any one interested in learning about real estate. I feel that Shannon has fully prepared me.  Erica Shyder


All of my expectations of the course were met and would recommend to others. Iain Sexton


Shannon clearly has years of experience in real estate that add a real life perspective to the book and class work. Great Teacher!! The mix of the visual, hands on, and study material are perfect for my learning style. I look forward to re-cert classes with Shannon!  Christopher Connolly


I would recommend Shannon to anyone! She keeps the material and the classwork relevent and applies real life stories that help you grasp the concepts. I was never bored for a second in her class! Marci Frances, Keller Williams-Coastal Realty


I thoroughly enjoyed the course; and I am confident that I am walking away with all the information necessary to pass the exam. Shannon did a great job of utilizing all materials in a efficient manner. I would highly recommend this class. Kerry Smith


Shannon did an outstanding job drilling home the proficient tools and kept things moving along. Glenn A Woodward, Keller Williams-Coastal Realty


Class was taught very well with several real-life examples. The added humor helped to make the calss more exciting and helped make some information easier to relate to. Nathaniel Bartlett


Honestly, all aspects of this course I found remarkable! Antwan Whitney 


Shannon is a great instructor. Good presentation skills, sense of humor and thorough knowledge of the topic. Sue Burleigh- Keller Williams-Coastal Realty


The course exceeded my expectations. My interest in real estate has grown even more. I look forward to my future in the Real Estate World. Joseph J. DeGeorge- Keller Williams-Coastal Realty


Shannon did a great job explaining everything in a way for everyone to relate and understand. I loved that Shannon was able to share real-life experiences to make the information much more clear. Cassie Perrault


The materials were presented in a way that made every day material seem more interesting. Shannon's input concerning her real estate, as well as, her life experience made for a much more interesting learning experience.  Ellen E. Cronin


This class is extremely well planned and Shannon's teaching style is relaxed yet moves the class along seamlessly. Excellent presentation and if I am never successful in real estate, I will have taken away a lot of knowledge I will use in coming years. Pamela J. Barber


Your a pleasure to be in class with!! You did a better job than many college professors I've had. I will recommend this course to people in the future. Anonymous


I loved this course and I am sad it is over. It improved my ability to understand real estate. Debra Ford Johnson


One aspect of this course I found most valuable was getting into 33 Touch Marketing plans. Tim Joyce- Keller Williams- Nashua, NH


Thank you for helping me understand how the program works. This will help me in its use. Some aspects of this course I found most valuable is my understanding of eEdge has multiplied. Norm Aboshar- eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery-Nashua, NH


This course was a solid overview to get agents up and running with eEdge. Cheryl Anderson, eEdge & Keller Wiliams Tech Mastery- Nashua, NH


This course made me feel much more confident as a new agent in dealing with the technology. Nora Fiore, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Nashua, NH


Shannon is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. I would definetly recommend her class.  Deisha Thivierge


This is a class that everyone should take. Even if they do not plan on being in the real estate. Shannon is a very good instructor. Everyone felt welcome and relaxed in her class. It was the most enjoyable class. Edward Devereaux


Thank You! This course has opened my eyes to the potential in the real estate business. Jason T Stopas


This course was very helpful. I can't wait for the next class. June Vaillancourt, Keller Williams- Nashua, NH


Very interesting material. Part of me wishes there was more! Very fun to learn! I can't wait to learn and experience more! Chris Tortorello


I really enjoy Shannons teaching style. She is animated and very clear with her delivery of all content. Her teaching allows me to re-call exactly what she has said in class when taking the practice tests.  Kelsey Loomis


I really enjoyed the class, Shannon is a great instructor! I feel very prepared to take my test. I learned a lot and did recommend it to several friends. Lauren Maclachlan


Too much to learn in one sitting. She needs to come back!! "Tip of the iceburg", Please come back. We need to do this again. Pauline Kane, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


The instructor has a great personality and energy! She is very knowledgable about this subject matter. She gave me great eye opening information about my website. Evan Lelansky, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


The course was fun, interesting and well paced. I feel the instructor kept the class engaged! Sarah R Wilkinson, Wilkinson Law Offices


Shannon was extremely knowledable in all the technology and how we can utilize it for our business. Laura Alves, eEdge & Keller William Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


Shannon was great! This class should be mandatory for all new agents!! Definitely worth every moment. Mike Volkernick, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


This is a "Tip of the iceburg" course. I hope that the Agent Website Admin Tool is half as easy to follow. Jeff Lunt, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


Wow! This was an awesome class! Thank you so much for opening the "window" to my website! Jaye Gorham, eEdge & Keller Williams Tech Mastery- Portland, ME


The instructor teaches as if she was one on one with you and not just in a classroom with other students. Anne Kittredge


This is a tremendous opportunity that I would never have had if I stayed at my previous firm. Shannon presented this course in a professional and concise manner. She has inspired and renewed my excitement to move foward! Wayne Chimura, Keller Williams- MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Shannon presented a concrete and comprehensive approach to assist me in understanding how to follow the four fundamental models of becoming a Millionare Real Estate Agent. Awesome! Sharon Lemdon, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


I felt the training was very informative. I would be happy to attend any & all classes. Danielle Gill, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Shannon is very down to earth in her course presentation. Much appreciated! Cindy Baxter, Keller Williams- MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Great Presentation. Informative, Intelligent & Concise. Very Likable. Anonymous, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Just enough time-Fun! Informative. Anonymous, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Shannon gave some good pointers in how to utilize and enhance our database and other tools we have at hand. Very pleasant, upbeat. Great job! Teresa Didomenico, Keller Williams- MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Shannon did a great job! Joanne Amofrio Donofrio, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


I was engaged for about 98% of this class. This is an excellent thing for me. I have trouble with continuous focus (ADD). Anonymous, Keller Williams-MREA Business Planning Clinic- Trumbull, CT


Eye opening! Effective! Learned loads. Daniel Lorenzetti, Keller Williams- MREA Business Planning Clinic-Trumbull, CT


I felt the presentation was great and extremely helpful. Kenneth Vu, Keller Williams- MREA Business Planning Clinic-Westborough, MA


Shannon was excellent. Lots of hands on relevant examples. I feel very well prepared for the test. Peter Lojko


It provided the basic fundamentalies to teach students about real estate legalities. Tyler Chamberlain 


Another eye-opening motivational afternoon with Shannon. Lots to do to re-vamp business and nice to have the tools needed to make it simple. - Sue Doyle, Keller Williams Coastal Realty - MREA Business Planning Clinic


This was one of the most beneficial and eye opening classes I have taken to date. Really important material to run my business today and in the future. A must class for a person running a business. Really drives the point home about budget and business models. Shannon is very well versed in this matter. - John Pickering, Keller Williams Coastal Realty - MREA Business Planning Clinic


Was an eye opener to actually see my numbers. - Pamela Vatistas, Keller Williams Coastal Realty - MREA Business Planning Clinic


Great class! I enjoy seeing how the numbers will break down for me. Thank you Shannon for another great class. I look forward to continuing on with my education. - Carrie Kellerman, Keller Williams Coastal Realty - MREA Business Planning Clinic



Shannon's knowledge is incredible and she was very clear at explaining everything. She made me feel comfortable asking questions and was careful to be sure we had a clear understanding. I look forward to getting my license so I can take more of her other classes. I highly recommend her class. -Melissa Lessard


Shannon makes a long class fun and educational. Great tactics to learn and remember laws and stories to make them stick. -Kathleen Lemieux, Allen Family Realty


Class was well presented. Shannon gave great examples of how to remember terms. Excellent presentation of materials. Fun class participation - I am used to being always on the go, sitting in a class for 4 hours learning, I anticipated was going to be a challenge. I truly enjoyed the class. It's been a long time since I've been in "class". Great experience! - Paula Usher


The course was totally not what I expected it to be. It was better. It not only gave me helpful information which I can use to start a new career - it helped me in my present job! Shannon was fun to listen and talk to and made the time fly! -Marc Dube


Shannon is a well educated, experienced, engaging instructor. I throughly enjoyed this course and have received everything that I expected from this experience. I look forward to applying my education to passing the real estate exam and becoming a successful licensed salesperson. -Shaylyn Dean, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


This is one of the best classes I have attended and I find it to be very useful to me whether or not I use this knowledge professionally in the future. -Zara Silverman


Shannon made the class time go by fast by keeping it moving well, learning a lot, and having fun. She is a very good teacher. -Robert Cavanaugh


Thank you Shannon for another great course! I was amazed about how much $$ I can make with my database. -Melissa Lesniak, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon understands the ins and outs of real estae. Her experience in the field allows her to make the material interesting with real life situations. - Vicki Hebert


Thank you for letting me come back and take your class again "For Free". It is a huge benefit when you don't pass the test the first time. -Matthew Herald




The instructor is very wel qualified and kept the classes interesting. She was always willing to discuss topics and explain. -John Pickering, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Loved the class - highly recommend! Thank you. -Tawny Gilbert


One of the BEST courses I have taken. The course is informative with lots of practical knowledge. -Nan Li



I feel well prepared to take the exam. Shannon was amazingly efficient in presenting what at first seemed an overwhelming body of information. -Gary Hatch



Shannon was a great teacher! She doesn't just read off of her power points, she knows what she is talking about and is able to keep you interested for the whole 4 hour class. I would def recommend her to anyone thinking about taking the pre-licensing course. -Joe Neslusan


My eEdge is now functional! -Keller Willams Nashua 03/2011


I purposely signed up for Shannon as my instructor as I really like her teaching skills. -Deborah A. Baird


Very good, understandable and delivery with clear objectives! -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


I would recommend Shannon to anyone interested in learning real estate. She made the material very interesting. -Daniel Silverman


Shannon was clear, consise and kept the class on track! -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Fun class, great energy and enough chocolate to keep anyone happy! Course moves at a nice pace and all questions are fully answered. -Carrie Kellerman, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon showed me all the hidden tech ways to help with my life!!! - Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Shannon was an Phenominal Instructor and there is absolutely nothing i would change about this course. -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Shannon did a great job at making the material more interesting! -Keller Williams Portsmouth 04/2011


Shannon- Terrific presentation skills, great pace, impressive utility of time- like you'd been teaching the subject matter or mroe than a couple of years! - Keller Williams Portsmouth 03/2011


The material was presented in an Interesting and Easy way to follow! - Keller Williams Portsmouth 02/2011


Shannon was most flexible in insuring that course requirements were met! -Keller Williams Portsmouth 02/2011


Shannon had an incredible grasp on the website inside and out. Very Very Helpful -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


This course was paced just right- Fabulous eye opener! -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Thank You Shannon! I feel more confident moving foward in my new career! Your class made me want to get on the road to becoming a broker soon! - Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Great Job! This course had great communication and connection! Thanks- Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Shannon was an excellent teacher! The class was great and very helpful! -Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


This course should be taught for all new agents and be mandatory for existing agents! - Keller Williams Portland 01/2011


Very helpful - can't wait for the next eEdge class! - Keller Williams Nashua 4/2011


Shannon is a great teacher. Hands on - getting it done now! Explains all well. Thanks! - Keller Williams Nashua 4/2011


Your class was great! - Bonnie Currier, Keller Williams Nashua


This class made me feel much more confident as a new agent in dealing with the technology! - Nora Fiore, Keller Williams Nashua


A solid overview to get agents up and running with eEdge. - Cheryl Anderson, Keller Williams Nashua


My understanding of eEdge has increased multifold. Thank you for helping me understand how the program works. This will help me in its use. - Norm Aboshar, Keller Williams Nashua


Shannon was an excellent teacher. Highly recommended. - Mike Faretta (North Conway, NH)


Shannon and her vast knowledge of real estate, both in law and practice really showed. Each and every question was able to be answered in class and with ease. I fell totally prepared to pas the real estate licensing exam thanks to her exceptional instructing. A++ - Jason Ernst, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon makes real estate "infotainment" - Connie Vidales, The Gove Group


I am very happy I chose to travel all the way to Portsmouth from Manchester, NH to take your class! When I was searching for classes I came upon this one. And did a search on you and wanted to come here because you have been in the industry for awhile and you had the guarantee to teach me to pass this exam which I was looking at more because I was worried I wouldn't pass without the right teaching technique, turns out I needed it for a whole different reason. I thank you for being so understanding and taking me in again.  Malissa Hawley


The experience of the teacher was evident and very helpful. Enthusiasm was high and kept it from being too boring. - Zach Pappas, Prudential Verani


Shannon, great job! Seldom have I attended a more enjoyable class. It was refreshing to see a skilled teacher in action. The course was well planned with presentations focusing on the objectives of each unit. The information provided was essential and delivered in a lively learning environment. Thanks! David L. Allen, Allen Family Realty


  The day of class was very helpful to get 'scenarios' and ask live questions. The course material was so good that even after waiting 6 months to take the test, the course material made the test easy! - Lauri Bessey, Dark Horse Realty, VT


Shannon is an excellent teacher!! She gave good examples and key points to concentrate study on the test. I really enjoyed taking the class and would strongly recommend others to take their class with Shannon. Amanda Cleveland


Vibrant energy - great tips of web sites and low cost options. Shanon is an accomplished and practical teacher who has 'walked the walk'. Having created a time savings marketing plan that can serve one for years with some modification. Really well done! - Kathleen Szostek, Keller Williams Mid Maine


Great class and entertaining. Most importantly is I am passing practice exams so I feel prepared to sit for the test! Heather Kelly, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


The class mantra is "Pass the Test" and I feel confident that this class with Shannon as the teacher provided me with the knowledge needed to pass the test on my own. Shannon was very patient with everyone and a great job catering to every one's learning styles. Overall, she taught efficiently and effectively. - Trevor Felder, The Nancy Kingston Agency


Shannon was fantastic! Both knowledgeable and entertaining, throwing in heaps of real life examples. Flexible, positive learning atmosphere. Greg Carver


I didn't know what to expect at first. Shannon certainly makes you feel comfortable and presents the class in a well organized, structured way, great story teller. Will recommend her anytime. Thanks Shannon. - Jen Fortuna

Shannon was an incredible teacher who brought a lot of reality to what we were doing. She always changed her training with us such as doing a presentation through slides, games, in groups and so on. And the quizzes towards the end have helped me improve my learning capability. I would highly recommend her to anyone! - Latoya Wallace


Very intense and comprehensive class that I throughly enjoyed. Shannon knows her stuf to a "t". Thanks! - Debbie Brookfield


I would recommend Shannon to anyone wanting to pass the salesperson exam - Paul Thibodeau, The Bean Group


It's an extremely informative class and valuable. It's a great class for anyone to participate in. I had a wonderful time with my instructor and classmates. Couldn't get a better instructor anywhere. Amanda Sarafin, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


As an adult trainer by profession, I was extremely impressed with Shannon's presentation abilities, engaging the class even through dry patches of material and her extensive real world knowledge. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in real estate - Kate Adler, Bean Group


Knowledgeable, dedicated and humorous, Shannon has the uncanny ability to take the mundane and make it interesting, to transform seemingly irrelevant material into useful information and the talent to make a four hour class feel like only three.  Believe me, all qualities you want in your pre-licensing course instructor.  I'm giving her a 10 on the recommendation scale.  - Carey Rooney, The Betty LaBranche Agency


Shannon presented material in an effective manner and brought relevant first hand experience to the class makin for more enjoyable class time. -Anonymous (passed first try)


The powerpoint slides were especially valuable to me relating to NH Law. Actually all the handouts were good! Shannon made the class fun by having students do related crossword puzzles and using the flash cards. I feel confident that I will pass the State Test because Shannon was very organized & informative about what was important information about the test. - Sharon Curcio, Prudential Verani


Shannon does a great job! - Bill Mouflouze, Moulflouze Real Estate


I originally took this course to increase my knowledge of real estate so I could better assist my insurance clients in the industry. However, Shannon's dynamic and content-rich classes sparked my interest in becoming further involved in the real estate industry. - David Hampson, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


The stories helped drive the material home. Loved the class. Loved Shannon! - April Boire, Avalar Realty


Great class! Fast paced and interesting. Course design and materials make it possible to plan ahead and make the most of your time with the instructor. She has experienced it all! Great real life examples of what she was teaching. Very positive and enthusiastic about what she does - Cayla Duclos, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


After being out of school for ten+ years, the course was a refreshing reminder of what professors teach their students. Shannon demonstrated full knowledge and great perception regarding real estate and the importance of being a knowledgeable salesperson. - Yvonne Daboul


It was a great experience. -Janet Smith, MB Property Management


Shannon is phenomenal! She knows all the technical details and constantly is not only telling us how to do something but then role playing by herself to show us. With all that I've learned, I can't imagine not going to this class as a new agent! The most valuable part of the class for me was the scripts, seeing the role playing and going through the process. - Nancy Kiersted, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


We were all involved in discussion, learned a lot. Jason Cichon, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon was a great instructor and utilizes her real life experiences in the course. Mark Bishop Broker / Owner RE/MAX Insight


Thank you, Shannon for making Real Estate agents more knowledgeable in our profession, Nola REMAX Realty One



The knowledge and experience Shannon has is beneficial to anyone who is looking to invest or make real estate a career. Since taking her class and passing my Real Estate exam I have closed over 10 homes and have 2 listings! Thank you Shannon for all your help and sharing your awesome Real Estate knowledge! Anonymous


Very enjoyable - always great energy and enthusiasm. All levels and learning abilities considered. Individualized approach given to all. Insightful and patient. A wonderful teacher! - Marla Snow, Sell My Time Share Now


Thank you for everything you did to help me understand the practice of real estate. The way you present the class with your knowledge is what got me through the class. Keep doing what you are doing, you are gifted. - Susan Dubois, Sell My Time Share


I would highly recommend Shannon to any class and any learner. Excellent. Tailored to the needs of the individual. - Leslie Martin, Sell My Time Share Now


She was very knowledgeable, very enthusiastic, happy and allowed questions. I would go again. - Robert Cline, Keller Williams Boston Metro


My mind was foggy but Shannon's presentation was excellent. REAL didn't feel canned - felt FRESH, HONEST. - Linda Burnett - Keller Williams, Boston Metro


I would take this course again - in fact I want to take it again! Thank you!!! - Lisa Hicks, Keller Williams Mid Maine


For this class being 4+ hours - it was not boring and I did not nod off during it. - Very engaging! Thanks - Tammitha Bellefleur, Keller Williams Mid Maine


Excellent course, great presenter! - Kelly Webb, Keller Williams Mid Maine


Excellent, very helpful and worthwhile. - Kristen Wheatley, Keller Williams Mid Maine


Excellent!! I am so glad I was able to take this Marketing Mastery class. It took what seemed overwhelming and made it workable and sensible. - Sandi Potter, Keller Williams Mid Maine


Great NH Exam prep Class! - Colleen Contrada, Keller Williams Andover


Fast paced and organized - I feel much more comfortable now in taking the test and glad I didn't take it before. Thank you for going above and beyond to accommodate us. Thanks again - Kevin Curran


Thanks for all your help it been a pleasure being a student of yours - Now let's pass the test - James Buonarosa


Shannon did a great job of providing examples of various situations in regards to the book - Jermaine Young


Excellent program a true professional - Jeff Hollingworth


Teacher was great, the best! - Danielle Antonelli


It is obvious that you love what you do and that aids in learning - Leo C. Williams


This class was entertaining, intimate and full or great information! Shannon's power point presentations were helpful in retaining the information!  - Connie Mullen, Exit Realty


Great instructor! The faster 1 month course was very helpful! - Dawn Kenison, The Betty LaBranche Agency


Very knowledgeable and fluent in delivering the course material. - Josh Seymour, The Bean Group


Shannon is very knowledgeable and kept the class moving. - Jon Kenyon, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


I enjoyed this course and am feeling good about the Maine test - Tara Baxter, Hourihane & Cormier Real Estate


She is an excellent manager of people. She made me think. - Ron Reid


Shannon did an outstanding job - Matt Spencer, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Very useful in life as a home owner -  Frank Kleczek, Prudential Verani Epping


Shannon truly has outstanding knowledge and teaching style. - Wendy Hogan, The Nancy Kingston Agency


Shannon is an excellent teacher. I have taken the course before and found her teaching style to be very informative. - Shanin Sansoucie, Wells Fargo


I thought Shannon was a great instructor, she went through each topic thoroughly & concisely. She made each lesson interesting, which allowed me to retain a good deal of information. - Barbara Wilkinson, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon was great with getting us ready for Maine law test! - Stella Demetri, BHG Masiello


I found this class very interesting, informative and entertaining. Shannon is an excellent teacher. Repetition helps it sink in. - Diane Cooley


Shannon is very good at explaining things and has an easy to follow way of presenting things. I would recommend Shannon to anyone! - Amy Nelson


I was worried it would be dull and just book work. You made it educational and a blast to be in. I look forward to class every week! - Jeni Reuter, Keller Williams Metropolitan


Thank you. - Jim Albert, Buyer Brokers of the Seacoast


I liked Shannon's teaching style & methods. She really knows her profession. I felt comfortable to ask questions, and she always took time to answer and go over things. - Deborah Belanger, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Thank you for offering all of your knowledge and accepting to help us anytime we have a question. You gave us many different ways to contact you to get the answers to any questions we came across. - Matthew Herald


I thought Shannon did a fantastic job. She obviously knows what she is talking about - Brian Clark


I usually fall asleep during classes of less than 1 hour due to boredom. I never once felt bored or sleepy during 5-8 hour sessions. Shannon is not boring or dry. - Dan Markey, Keller Williams Metropolitan


I thought the course would be difficult to focus on for 8 hours but the power point, class discussion and instructor's real life examples made it interesting and fun. - Jessie Hett


Great class - enjoyed very much. - Anita Crowell


I liked the pace of the class. Shannon moved through the dry material with competence and a sense of humor. It was interesting and motivating. I was pleased with the practice time and the level of teaching. I feel prepared for the test.- Jayne Morell


Good Class! Great job! I enjoyed the class. - John Kelly, Olde Port Properties


I felt there was just enough time between classes so you don't forget everything in between. I also like that it was more interactive than just strictly reading the book. - Jillian Kisor


Shannon is great @ what she does! - Jason Hayes


Great class despite the many hours, made the material interesting and easily understandable. Chocolate helps!! - Anonymous


Shannon was great in Maine Exam Prep w/ including me (only MA agent) in comments and made sure I was clear - Leslie Cotty


The instructor was very knowledgeable and material great -  Heidi Hayes


Can't wait to take a CEU course here! - Lisa Hamel


Thank you Shannon. The course was clear and concise. - Julie Higgins, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Shannon did an excellent job both presenting and reviewing material in preparation of the test. Great job - would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about real estate. - Rick Lagoy


Practical information in a usable format! - Sally Steward, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


I have a heavy education background and have to say Shanon has a talent for teaching. Shannon's ability to keep my attention throughout the entire class made the material stick in my mind. Shannon should get paid more! - Alena Joule


It was perfect for my needs and schedule. I really enjoyed the class. Shannon's knowledge, personal stories and humor made it a fun learning experience. - Melissa Readel, CBRB


Shannon is a great instructor! She knows the information and manages to make it really interesting. I highly recommend that you take this class with Shannon! - Anonymous


Great instructor and instruction! Shannon kept my interest peaked and gave great examples to convey meaning. - Frances Ashley-Dennison


Shannon's class was extremely insightful and educational. I would strongly recommend this class to others. Great course. Thank you Shannon for working with my busy schedule. - Kyle Morin


Shannon was a great teacher and I felt that the class has prepared me to take my test. She was always happy to answer my questions. The objectives were clear and Shannon was a great instructor. I had a great experience with this class and I feel very prepared to take my test. - Lauren Maclachlan


Shannon provided me with all the tools necessary to pass the real estate license test in a clear and concise manner. - Cecil Abels, ReMax Coast to Coast


Shannon did a fabulous job teaching this course. She did a great job sharing her vast knowledge and making the information interesting. - Jody Bell, Keller Williams Coastal Realty


This class is credibly helpful in preparation for the exam. I actually would have preferred more testing as it has really got me in the mindset for test taking and has helped me determine my strengths and weaknesses. I greatly appreciate your time and knowledge and would recommend this class to anyone interested in the field. - Alicia McDowell


I really appreciated the flexibility of the class schedule to accomodate my needs - Dennis George


Shannon's classes were well-taught, intereesting and fun to attend. Her vast knowledge of the subject matter was successfully relayed through her teachings. - Leslie Dickie


Thank you so much, I look forward to to more classes in the future with you! - Lea Jensen


Shannon moved course along very well, kept everybody interested. - Doug Pariseau


Shannon was very understanding and very helpful. Her knowledge in real estate is unbelievable - very intelligent lady! - Shelby Martin


The depth of explanation Shannon gives to explain each chapter of the book was most valuable. - Laura Mackenzie


Very knowledgable on real estate subject. - Patrick Monahan


The knowledge gained is much needed and provides confidence in taking the exams. - Derek A. Oaks


Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable & friendly - Shelley Freeman

Thanks for a great class! - Karen Sedlar


This class was by far one of the best classes I have taken.  Shannon's knowledge of the subject matter was excellent. Her materials and teaching style are great.  I would definitely reccommend it to anyone interested in real estate. Thank you Shannon - Nashua NH


Shannon is extremely well versed in real estate, Great environment for learning the material.  - Brian M. Moss 


Shannon, this was a great course you did a great job on teaching hte material and keeping it interesting. - Brian O'Connor

Shannon was an exceptional instructor always willing to help her students above and beyond via phone, text, email and in person anytime. - Shannon I Schmelzer


Shannon was the best ever, the class was awesome. - Stephen DePietro


The course provided a great experience. I appreciate your enthusiam for the subject matter. - Chris Bray

The enthusiasm and passion of the teacher was most valuable in the class. - Katrina Cartwright

I would recommend this class and her style of teaching to anyone! Great! - Tony Rodrigues


Shannon is phenomenal - one of the best teachers I've ever had! - Elizabeth Liquori


Shannon is caring and shows all needed to achieve goals for completion of class.  - Kristina Wentworth


I would highly recommend Shannon's class to anyone looking to get into real estate.  - Jason Russell


Really enjoyed the class - Learned a lot and can't wait to apply it! - Jillian Muir


Thanks for the opportunity to increase my knowledge related to real estate as a potential second career. - Michael McKenney


Excellent documentation and "study guide" slides. I was suprised by how interesting Shannon could make every aspect of the course! It was fascinating. - Amy Wiedmer


I would recommend this class with Shannon to anyone and everyone interested in becoming licensed.  - Sarah Elliott


Shannon is a very professional and experienced instructor. - George O'Connor