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NH Online - Protecting Elders from Real Estate Scams Online Video Course v1.0

Learn to protect some of America's most vulnerable citizens with this immersive video course.

The law recognizes that elders are susceptible to financial abuse and fraud. Real estate licensees are uniquely positioned to help protect these vulnerable individuals from being preyed upon. This online video course gives you the knowledge of the most common types of elder scams and how you can help elders to take steps to prevent abuse. Video instructors describe how and to whom to report suspected elder financial abuse. Through education, knowledge, and awareness, you can contribute to safeguarding the interests of your clients and other consumers in the marketplace.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn about common scams that target the elderly
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs of financial abuse, so you can prevent further damage
  • Understand what you can do to help


NH 4 elective clock hours

Cost: $45.00
This class is taken through RECampus. Once completed, certificates automatically print out.

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NH Real Estate
4 CEUs
Online Course
This class is taken through RECampus. Once completed, certificates automatically print out.