Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I get a real estate license in New Hampshire?

    The Salesperson license is the entry-level license in New Hampshire. The license is valid for two years and is renewable.

    To qualify for a Salesperson license, you must:

    Consult the New Hampshire Real Estate Examination Candidate Handbook for complete details.

    The Real Estate Class and Shannon Aldrich Whaley offers the Prelicense Course. Check our current schedule for dates and locations near you!

  • What are Home Study courses and how do I order them?
    • All home study courses are accredited for renewal elective credits in Maine and New Hampshire.
    • Home study courses consist of a correspondence book and 25 question final quiz. Correspondence books are shipped free USPS. Expect 3-5 days for shipping.
    • Payment is made directly on the site. If necessary, secure invoices for courses are sent through Square for online payment.
    • Final Quiz is emailed and completed through Adobe Acrobat online at your convenience.
    • 80% is required to pass NH, the certificate will be sent for fill and sign through Adobe Acrobat upon grading of the final quiz.
    • 85% is required to pass ME, the Maine Educational Survey and certificate will be sent through Adobe Acrobat upon grading of the final quiz.
    • Licensee can contact the instructor through email, text or phone.
    • Choose title online.
    • Titles Include
      • Everyday Ethics in Real Estate 
      • LL846C011CC (ME) 6CEUs -  E2529 (NH) 6CEUs $65
      • Fair Housing 
      • LL846C006CC (ME)  E2496 -  5 CEUs (NH) 6CEUs $55
      • Property Management & Managing Risk  
      • LT846C003CC (ME) 6 CEUs  - E2123 (NH) 6CEUs $65
      • Real Estate Finance Today v 8.0 
      • FI846C004CC (ME) 6 CEUs - E2124 (NH) 6 CEUs $65 
      • Real Estate Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know
      • TX846C014CC (ME) 6 CEUs - E2178 (NH) 6 CEUs $65
      • Red Flags Property Inspection Guide v5.0
      • LL846C005CC (ME) 3 CEUs - E1438 (NH) 3 CEUs $35                                                  
  • General Instructions for Zoom Classes:
  • There will be a Moderator available during ALL classes to give technical assistance and support. The Moderator is available to help with technical questions and will be monitoring attendance and the group chat.

  • These classes are treated like live classes. Attendee participation, cameras on, distractions put away - are expected. If you wouldn't bring it in the classroom, it is not for a Zoom meeting. Questions will be taken from the Group Chat area and between sections or can be directed to the Moderator in private chat.

  • Unless you are using it to ZOOM, NO use of cell phones, ipads, other web sites is allowed during the class. During class there is to be NO DRIVING, USE of EXERCISE MACHINES, TALKING/TEXTING ON THE PHONE or other activities that would distract you from paying attention to the materials being presented in class. Clothes are required.

  • Prior to class, register for a FREE Zoom account at 48 hours prior to class, attendees will receive an email with Zoom link, meeting ID and password. The waiting room will open 30 minutes prior to class. When joining the class, participants are to MUTE their AUDIO. Please join with computer audio.

  • All materials for the class will be available for download through your Student Center. Simply open your Student Center and Continue to Course to view the materials.
  • You can watch a tutorial on Joining a Zoom Meeting here 
  • You can test your equipment prior to class at
  • NO AUDIO or VIDEO recordings of the class are allowed without the written permission of the instructor.
  • Certificates are sent through Adobe Acrobat after the class. Certificates are printable through Adobe Acrobat. You must be present for the final attendance at each session. You need to have your certificate before applying to the State to take the licensing test or for renewal of licenses.