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Thinking of entering the New Hampshire or Maine real estate business? Ready to be a Broker? Shannon Aldrich Whaley offers the classes you need for your New Hampshire and Maine real estate license.





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Ready to Be a Real Estate Salesperson licensee in New Hampshire?




This 40-hour course is approved by the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission as a prerequisite for applying for a New Hampshire Salesperson License. This class is designed to be interactive, entertaining and educational. Powerpoint presentation leads the way, no one just reading the book at you in this class. All course materials, slides, NH law, KAHOOT links, You Tube flash card videos, over 200 practice NH questions - all available through your Student Center.

Interested in your Maine license too? New Hampshire and Maine tandem license program $479 and you are complete in as little as 48 hours of live class time. Why pay more?


All of our livestream classes offer Technical Support during the class through the Moderator.



ZOOM "January Pre-licensing Class" with Shannon Whaley - January 4 to February 3, 2021 from 5:30-9:30pm. Meets Mon/Wed; No class Martin Luther Kind Day 1/18.  $399 includes textbook (free shipping), online access to materials and multiple practice questions for National and New Hampshire. Register today and start reading.

What Our Recent Zoom Students are Saying....

August 2020

Loved that it was over Zoom...I have a very busy schedule and it helped quite a bit to be able to log in remotely. At first it was awkward with 50+ people on the Zoom meeting, I felt like I didn't want to participate/ask questions, but I got over that after a few classes. Breandan Garland

This course prepared me extremely well for both the national and state exam. I would recommend Shannon's class to anyone looking to get their NH real estate salesperson's license and look forward to taking continued education classes with her in the future. - Kayleigh Cronin

Shannon - thanks for such a great job of preparing and presenting the NH Pre-License Class zia Zoom. I passed the National and NH test on my first attempt! Rob Clark

I am a teacher and have been in online Grad courses all summer. Your class was by far the best I have taken. Thank you! Danielle Lemay

July 2020

I began my real estate pre license course in March, commuting to and from Portsmouth every Tuesday and Thursday night. Class started at 5:30pm and ended at 9:30pm, on those days I did not have much time for anything other than going home to change out of my work clothes and get ready for class. That is, until we had a change in plans and class would soon be canceled.

Eventually, zoom classes were approved and I was able to get more work done from the comfort of my home. At the time I was taking these classes, my daughter was four months old, so as you could imagine, finding extra time to study was difficult. Thanks to zoom, I was able to find more time to study before and after class since I did not have to commute. As a result I was able to pass my national and state exam on the first attempt.

Sincerely, Blaine Eaton





All of our livestream classes offer Technical Support during the class through the Moderator. 

ZOOM AFTERNOON CLASS "All About Ethics" with Carrie Kellerman - Thursday, October 22 from 1-4:15pm $40. This class is approved in NH for 3 hours post licensing 'ethics' and 3 hours NH electives for renewing licensees. Plus it has 3 hours elective credits for Maine and VERMONT. Fulfills the triennial NAR requirement for Realtors!


ZOOM NIGHT CLASS "NH Real Estate Principles, Procedures and Practices" with Shannon Whaley - Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27 from 5:30-9:30pm This class is approved for 8 elective CEUs for NH licensees. This is NH EXAM PREP for Reciprocal Candidates from Maine, Massachusetts and other jurisdictions.


ZOOM AFTERNOON CLASS "NH CORE" with Shannon Whaley - Thursday, October 29 from 1-4pm $40. C041 is the approved CORE course for both active and inactive NH licensees.


ZOOM MORNING CLASS "All About Fair Housing" with Shannon Whaley - Tuesday, December 1 from 9:30am-12:30pm. This class is approved in ME, NH and VT! for 3 elective credits. $40


ZOOM MORNING CLASS "All About Ethics" with Carrie Kellerman - Thursday, December 3 from 9:30am-12:30pm. This class is approved in ME, NH and VT for 3 elective credits. This class is approved for post-licensing "Ethics" for NH and fulfills the NAR triennial requirement due by 12/31/2021 $40


ZOOM "MAINE EXAM PREP" with Shannon Whaley. - Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8 from 9:30-12:30pm All materials available in Student Center upon Registration. $80


ZOOM "NH CORE" with Shannon Whaley - Thursday, December 17 from 9:30am-12:30pm. C061 is the required course for all active and inactive licensees in NH for renewal. $40


If you experience any difficulties, please email us at 


Maine Home Study Elective Courses



Maine Titles Include:

LL846C011CC   Everyday Ethics in Real Estate   - 6ME CEUs $65 

LL846C006CC   Fair Housing   - 5ME CEUs $55 

LT846C003CC   Property Management & Managing Risk - 6ME CEUs $65

FI846C004CC    Real Estate Finance Today - 6ME CEUs $65

TX846C014CC   Real Estate Taxes: What Every Agency Should Know - 6ME CEUs $65

LL846C005CC   Red Flags: Property Inspection   - 3ME CEUs $35

CN846C013CC   Sustainable Housing and Building Green - 6ME CEUs $65


Send us an email, with a shipping address, to and we will send you the electives you need to renew your Maine license! No charge for shipping!

Simply return completed 25 question test by pdf scan to, pass with 85% for ME, credit certificate will be sent by email.

Everyday Ethics in Real Estate is also approved for NARs triennial requirement. (December 31, 2021)

All home study courses come with both Maine and New Hampshire elective credits, no extra charge.

*Active licensees in Maine must complete 18 hours of electives and a 3 hours of the license appropriate core each biennial.


Emergency Order #29 Exhibit H pdf file
NH Real Estate Commission Additional Modifications

Does the order mean no CE courses are required for any NH licensee renewing before the end of the year?

Yes. Licensees may take courses if they wish and are encouraged to do so to further their professional knowledge. Many courses are available on-line, home study and live internet. However, due to the health emergency REC continuing education, including core courses, will not be required at time of renewal for any licensee due to expire between March 13, 2020 (the start of the emergency order) and December 31, 2020.


New Hampshire CORE by Correspondence

Are you looking for a NH CORE class that you can do immediately? NH CORE is required of all active and inactive licensees for renewal. This class is approved by the NHREC.

This correspondence course allows you to download all the required reading materials directly to your computer on a pdf. The 50 question test is also online at this web site.

Pass the test with an 80% and move on to printing your credit affidavit. (YES, you can take the test more than once.) It's that simple.

You could be done 3 hours from now.


#C041 New Hampshire CORE $40


New Hampshire ONLINE Elective Titles


Online Titles Include:

E2461       All Under One Roof On Demand v1.0 -6NH CEUs $65

E2377      Avoiding Deceptive Practices -4NH CEUs-$45

E2077      Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice -6NH CEUs-$65

E2529      Everyday Ethics in Real Estate -6 NH CEUs-$65

E2496      Fair Housing - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2454      Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions -6NH CEUs-$65

E2179      Houses: Buy, Fix, Sell! -4NH CEUs-$45

E2176      Identity Theft: Protecting Your Clients & Your Business -4NH CEUs-$45

E2495      Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales - 6NH CEUs - $65

E2470      Investment Property Practice and Management - 10 CEUs - $100

E2282      Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model -4NH CEUs-$45

E2123      Property Management and Managing Risk -6NH CEUs-$65

E2124      Real Estate Finance Today -6NH CEUs-$65

E2178      Real Estate and Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know -6NH CEUs-$65

E1438      Red Flags Property Inspection Guide -3NH CEUs-$35

E2026      Scams, Scoundrels and Real Estate Stings -6NH CEUs-$65

E2078      The Tiny House: Is it a Phase or a Craze? -4NH CEUs-$45

E2376      The Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act and it's Effect on Real Estate -4NH CEUs-$45

E2272      The Twenty Most Cost Effective Home Improvements-4NH CEUs-$45


Use this web address to access the REcampus for these online classes:

First time users of REcampus will need to create a student account. The affidavit will be emailed to you upon completion of the course.


Offering the lowest everyday prices for online electives!


New Hampshire Home Study

Elective Courses



Send us an email with shipping address to  and we will send you the electives you need to renew your New Hampshire license!

Titles Include:

E2529          Everyday Ethics in Real Estate  - 6NH CEUs $65

E2496          Fair Housing - 6 NH CEUs $65

E2123          Property Management and Managing Risk   - 6NH CEUs $65

E2178          Real Estate and Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know-6NH CEUs-$65

E2124          Real Estate Finance Today  - 6NH CEUs $65

E1438          Red Flags: Property Inspection Guide - 3NH CEUs $35

E2511          Sustainable Housing and Building Green - 6NH CEUs $65


Simply return completed 25 question test by to or mail to Shannon Aldrich Whaley, 750 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth NH 03801, pass with 80% for NH, certificate sent electronically.

Everyday Ethics in Real Estate is also approved for NARs triennial requirement (December 31, 2021)

Email, with a shipping address, books are shipped at no charge by USPS. Invoices are delivered securely through Square.

All home study courses come with both New Hampshire and Maine elective credits, no extra charge.


*Active licensees in NH must complete 12 hours of electives and a 3 hours core each biennial.

*Inactive licensees are only required to complete core.



All pre-licensing classes are Zooming!