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2024 Home Study Maine Exam Prep

Expand your real estate business to Maine. This popular class prepares you for the Maine Law reciprocal test with home study materials. Now with videos!

The Maine law test is only 55 questions and you need a 75% to pass. Isn't it time for you to increase your business opportunities?

You must have an active real estate license in another jurisdiction. This includes active licensees in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

All the materials are available to access as soon as you register. All the pdfs are in the Student Center. This course can be done as correspondence.If you need to get your Maine license ASAP.

ME Real Estate
Online Course
Materials are available for download in Student Center immediately after registration

2024-2026 NH CORE by Correspondence

Looking to fulfill your NH CORE continuing education requirement? Our NH CORE home study option is perfect for you! By downloading the PDF course materials and taking a 50 question quiz, you can complete this required core course at your own pace and on your own schedule.

This course covers the latest NH laws, legislation, and commission activities, and is essential for staying up-to-date in our industry. As an active or inactive licensee, it's crucial to maintain your knowledge and skills to provide the best service to your clients.

Don't wait until the last minute to fulfill your continuing education requirement. Register now for our NH CORE home study option and complete the course at your convenience.


NH Real Estate
3 CEUs
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6/20/24 Livestream Zoom - Buyer Relationships CORE Course - Maine CORE Course 5

Join us for Buyer Relationships Core Course (CORE 5). This course is designed to explore and identify relationships you may have with a buyer. Includes identifying when the relationship begins, your responsibilities to buyers, and how your responsibilities differ based on your relationship. Common issues and misunderstandings will be addressed to assist you in understanding your role and managing buyer expectations. This course is for all Designated Brokers, Brokers and Associate Brokers for the Core requirement.

Thursday, March 7, 2024 from  1-4pm


 “This program has been approved by the Director of the Maine Real Estate Commission for 3 clock hours toward fulfillment of the educational requirements for activation or renewal of a real estate license.” 


Effective April 1, 2023 the Real Estate Commission core course requirement is “Buyer Relationships Core Course”.

The course noted above is required if:

  • your license expiration date is on or after April 1, 2023 (even if you renew before April 1, 2023).
  • your license has expired and you renew on or after April 1, 2023.
  • you activate a license on or after April 1, 2023.

Licensees with a license expiration date prior to April 1, 2023, who renew prior to April 1, 2023 may fulfill their core course requirement with either “Core Course for Designated Brokers 4 - Communication” or “Core Course for Brokers and Associate Brokers 4 - Communication ” (depending on your license type) or the new core course as noted above.

Online ZOOM Meeting
ME Real Estate
3 Clock Hours
Summer Special!

8/15/24 Zoom - Live Virtual - NH CORE

Boost Your Real Estate Expertise with Our NH CORE Class! 

Unlock the full potential of your real estate career in New Hampshire with our NH CORE class, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. This essential class offers a comprehensive exploration of the core aspects of real estate practice, ensuring you're equipped with the latest regulations, trends, and strategies that define success in the NH real estate market.

What Awaits You? Embark on a comprehensive journey through licensing intricacies, renewal procedures, and new challenges in our practice. Gain mastery over license laws, agency relationships, and the critical aspects of property disclosures. Equip yourself with the latest in fair housing laws, consumer protection measures, and much more, ensuring you're not just compliant, but exemplary in your practice.

Take the Next Step in Your Real Estate Career Don't let your license lapse or your skills fade. Join our upcoming NH CORE class to solidify your foundation in real estate principles and soar to new heights in your career. This class is your step towards a more informed, secure, and successful real estate practice in New Hampshire.

Register Now & Elevate Your Professional Journey! 

C041 - 3 NH CORE CEUs

Thursday, August 15, 2024 from 1-4pm

Online ZOOM Meeting
NH Real Estate
3 CEUs
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