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2023 Home Study Maine Exam Prep

Expand your real estate business to Maine. This popular class prepares you for the Maine Law reciprocal test with home study materials.

The Maine law test is only 55 questions and you need a 75% to pass. Isn't it time for you to increase your business opportunities?

You must have an active real estate license in another jurisdiction. This includes active licensees in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

All the materials are available to access as soon as you register. All the pdfs are in the Student Center. This course can be done as correspondence.If you need to get your Maine license ASAP.

Includes invite to next Zoom Maine Exam Prep if desired.

To contact the instructor at info@therealestateclass.com


Online ZOOM Meeting
ME Real Estate
Materials are available for download in Student Center immediately after registration

2023 Pass the NH Test for Reciprocal Candidates

Are you licensed in another state? Ready to add NH?

This course is to prepare you for the NH Reciprocal Law test.

Over 250 New Hampshire specific practice questions that will get you past the reciprocal licensing test.

Reviewing the quizzes will give you the insight you need into NH laws.

Includes invite to Zoom E2512 NH Principles, Practices & Procedures. 

NH Real Estate
Online Course
Includes multiple practice tests, NH Review by the Numbers study guide, and copy of NH state law.